Best Camera Backpack For Hiking

best camera backpack for hiking

In search of the best camera backpack for hiking? Using a camera backpack allows you to transport gear over long distances and protect it from damage while providing fast access to everything you need.

Whether you are a professional photographer on a photo expedition or an outdoor enthusiast taking photos of nature, a functional, high-quality, and durable camera is essential.

What To Consider


Occasionally, hiking can be challenging, demanding, and even exhausting. Therefore, choosing a backpack that will provide the right amount of protection for your DSLR equipment and other gear is essential.

Your hike will be more enjoyable if your backpack has durable material and interior padding. Then, as you go on your next hiking or backpacking expedition, you will no longer worry about what might happen to your camera and other stuff.


Walking long distances or carrying a lot of equipment on your back requires good comfort. Finding a camera backpack that meets all your hiking needs is crucial. A hiking camera backpack should be comfortable and provide good ventilation.

It is also essential to look for bags with sternum straps and waist belts to help reduce your backpack’s weight.


Organizing your hiking camera gear will be easier if you have plenty of storage space in your backpack. Dividers should be as modular as possible! A camera backpack must have these features because this is a crucial aspect.

Your backpack needs to be big enough so that you can carry your DSLR, memory cards, and other hiking equipment. Choose a pack that has straps near the sternum and waistline so that you can move around larger items.


If you’re buying a hiking camera backpack, durability is an essential factor to consider. Consider purchasing a hiking camera bag made of durable materials such as nylon and polyester if you want to find the best camera backpack for hiking.


Find a hiking backpack with camera compartments that has an appropriate size. It will easily help you choose your hiking camera bag. Backpacks ranging from 20 liters to 100 liters offer a range of liter sizes.


Although you could slap a rain cover over your pack to keep the elements away, doing so undermines the convenience level of your setup. If you want to ensure your kit will remain dry after a splash, look for taped seams and zippers that are water-resistant.

Various packs come with integrated rain covers as well, which come in handy when you’re caught in a downpour or when you need an extra layer of protection to find your gear in the rain.

A Camera Backpack Should Have These Features

Camera compartment

Almost every camera backpack must have a compartment explicitly made for cameras, either removable or integrated into the backpack. The camera compartment should be padded, weatherproof, and equipped with adjustable dividers for storing the camera’s components.

Similarly, the camera compartment must be easily accessible, whether through the central opening, a zippered side panel, or a zippered back panel.

Quick camera access

One of the essential features that a camera backpack should have is a quick camera access panel. There are three primary access types: 

Zippered back panel

You can organize and access your camera gear on the go, thanks to a zippered back panel that you can use while not putting your backpack on the ground. Additionally, it acts as an anti-theft system, making it an excellent option for urban explorers and travelers.

Top opening

A holster or hip belt that uses the main compartment for camera storage is a typical example. You can access your camera very quickly and easily from the top opening. Still, there is typically not enough room for other gear.

Side opening

Some backpacks have wide D-shaped zippers for opening the camera compartment and separate compartments for gear other than the camera gear. Camera storage is usually prioritized over non-camera gear storage in this design.

Hip belt

Because DSLRs are not lightweight, most camera backpacks feature padded waist straps. This alleviates the weight from your shoulders.

In addition, this is key for backpacks with a zippered back panel since it is the waist strap that keeps your pack from slipping as you go to grab your camera. A larger backpack will usually have a more durable waist strap.

Laptop storage

The main backpack compartment will usually have a sleeve for storing your laptop or tablet. There are generally separate compartments accessible from the outside of the bag.

When traveling with your laptop, you may wish to use an external laptop compartment. Still, you may find the internal pocket to be more protective.

Adjustable dividers

Custom designs allow you to ensure the camera compartment is compatible with your specific camera model and lens. Velcro straps on either side of each partition, allowing you to make each space bigger or smaller.

Occasionally, dividers are made with two padded layers. You can use this extra pocket to hold spare batteries or SD cards.

External attachment points

External tripod attachments are included in some camera backpacks, either on the side, the bottom, or the middle of the bag. In addition to bungee attachments, hiking camera bags may have loops for ice picks and walking poles.

5 Best Camera Backpacks For Hiking

Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW

In essence, the Photo Sport is an impressive hiking pack. In addition to providing 14 liters of space for hiking gear, the bag is lightweight, comfortable, hydration compatible, and comes with camera-specific compartments.

With the exception of the lack of an external tripod mount, it includes a weatherproof cover, is very comfortable, and is very stylish.

The other thing that makes this an excellent choice is for those who are primarily hikers and have big cameras instead of full-time photographers who hike occasionally.

A custom pull-tab in UltraCinch lets you cinch and tighten your photo gear space in one swift motion to prevent your gear from bouncing.

Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 450 AW

Lowepro’s 450 AW pack protects your gear from rain, snow, dust, and sand with an integrated all-weather cover. A system of suspension and straps in the active zone will make you feel comfortable. Easily remove your gear from the pack!

If you’re taking your equipment out, there’s no need to put your bag on the ground. Additionally, there are multiple attachment points so that you can move your gear up and down, as well as a compartment for a tablet.

Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Daypack

The Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Daypack is one of the best camera backpacks available on the market. It has more capacity than your average camera bag and is the perfect size for carrying your DSLR.

With a removable DSLR compartment, this backpack holds both your camera and your hiking gear. There is a zippered roll-top system on the inside and a buckled front flap on the outside to keep out the elements.

The main bag is made of durable, water-resistant fabric. In addition, there is a compartment that can hold a tablet and a laptop together, thanks to the full-length side zipper. Moreover, the side zipper opens up to reveal the camera compartment.

A removable camera compartment will make it extremely easy to organize your gear in conjunction with the many external pockets and attachment points.

Vanguard Alta Sky 45D Backpack

With its rugged design, large capacity, and drone-compatible capabilities, the Vanguard Alta SKY 45D backpack is perfect for outdoor excursions.

In addition to holding 22 liters of camera gear, this pack includes pockets for carrying a laptop and a drone, as well as comfortable shoulder straps to make going downhill just about bearable. Top, front and side access is available on the Vanguard Alta Sky 45D.

Overall, the bag holds about 9kg of gear divided into three zones: A top section holds a drone, a middle section holds a DSLR and attached lens (up to 70-200mm f/2.8), and a bottom section houses at least three more lenses and plenty of accessories.

As with all customizable dividers, the interior is well-padded and features a distinctive yellow color, making it easy to find stuff even at night. Vanguard Alta SKY 45D is insulated with lots of padding and made of dense nylon. In case of rain, it comes with an optional rain cover.

Despite its somewhat fiddly design, it’s impressive, with double buckle security on zippered areas to provide extra security and a few functionless side pockets. 

Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack

This backpack features a variety of compartments and pockets. This edition includes an armored front panel made from PVA, perfect for fragile and sensitive gear. It also features a pocket with an organizer panel, ideal for organizing small items.

Additionally, you will also receive a small carry bag and a rain cover. If you choose the waist bag option, you can carry it around your waist, which allows you to bring even more camera gear. You can store the shoulder bag in the lower compartment of the pack or carry it around your waist.

For excellent ventilation, the back panel is thickly padded and covered with a breathable mesh material. You can easily adjust the shoulder straps between the two bags due to the padding. Furthermore, you can adjust the waist belt to keep you comfortable even more.

This camera backpack has the advantage of being versatile. Because the divider pads are removable, you can use the compartments however you like. With one compartment for hiking gear and the other for camera equipment, you can use either one for anything you need.

Moreover, it also has a separate compartment for laptops and tablets. It is also worth bearing in mind that this backpack is quite extensive and can accommodate two DSLR bodies and any other camera. The only downside to this pack is weight.

Final Thoughts

The nature of being a photographer means you are constantly traveling and have the opportunity to experience whatever the world has to offer. What better way than to trek through nature? There are many types of backpacks out there, so getting the right one can be difficult.

You will save time and money by knowing the right things to look for when buying a camera backpack for hiking. If you’re going hiking, you have several choices when it comes to camera backpacks.

Some people may not find everything they need in one pack, while others may discover the perfect backpack. The pack you pick should provide most of your needs if you’re unable to find everything in one.

Moreover, priority is another important concept you should follow, starting with the essential requirement and moving to the least important one.