Dog Bug Out Bag: 12 Essential Items To Pack

dog bug out bag

A dog bug out bag is extremely as important as your bug out bag. Have you ever thought of leaving your dog behind in case of a disaster? A dog is undoubtedly a man’s best friend. There are many advantages to bringing your dog with you.

Your dog will be your companion all throughout your survival journey. They provide a certain degree of protection from predators and other people. If you are considering bringing your dog with you then you might as well prepare a bug out bag for your pet.

What are the things that you need to pack?

Dog Bug Out Bag Items


Before you choose the essential items for your dog, you will need to choose a saddlebag for your dog. I would suggest a saddlebag that has many compartments. Consider a waterproof bug out bag for your dog.

I would prefer a durable tactical saddlebag. Not only do they have enough compartments, but tactical saddlebags are lightweight and quickly dry when wet.

In addition, you can easily fit the saddlebag to your dog and it provides excellent ventilation. In fact, ventilation is an important factor to consider to avoid your dog from having a heatstroke.

I cannot stress this enough, but you have to avoid fancy saddlebags. These are not made from durable materials and are not meant for survival. Since you will be on foot most of the time in a survival situation, they will not last.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

You need to pack three days worth of freeze-dried dog food. This type of food is light and does not consume space.

In fact, you and your dog need to travel light so you can reach your destination easier and faster. Your dog will tire easily if the saddlebag is heavy.

Freeze-dried dog food provides nutrition and will sustain your dog’s health during a survival situation. In addition, if the bug out bag still has free space, you may add extra food for your dog.

Bug Out Bag Blanket For Your Dog

Choose a lightweight blanket for your dog. Blankets will keep your dog warm during cold weather. Remember that it should fit inside the compartment of your dog’s bug out bag.

In fact, you can use a blanket to cover your dog just in case they get an injury. A blanket will help them calm down and allow you to inspect the injury.

Collapsible Bowl

A collapsible bowl can be used to place water or food for your dog. The collapsible feature will allow you to save space on your dog’s bug out bag.

These are extremely lightweight so you do not have to worry about extra weight on the saddlebag. In addition, collapsible bowls are easy to maintain and clean.

Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets will provide safe drinking water for your dog. It could be hard to find a good source of water during a disaster or survival situation.

In fact, if you plan to add bottled water in your dog’s saddlebag might not be a good idea. It is important to keep the weight of your dog’s bug out bag as light as possible.

So, during a survival situation, it would be best to purify water along the way. Just make sure to find the cleanest water source possible.

Leash And Collar

A leash and a collar are probably one of the most important items that you need to bring with you. This will keep your dog by your side and keep them from running away.

This is also a courteous way of keeping your dog away from other people. This will avoid your dog from chasing other animals. In addition, make sure to bring an extra leash just in case the other leash breaks.

A leash is also a sign that the dog has an owner just in case your dog gets lost. You have to make sure to pack durable leashes for survival.

Dog Tag

It is necessary to keep one dog tag on your dog’s collar and keep the other dog tag just in case the other one breaks. You need to put your contact information on the dog tag. This is essential so people who find your dog will be able to contact you.

Vaccine Records

Always keep your dog’s vaccine records with you to show proof that your dog’s vaccine is up-to-date. Some evacuation centers will not allow your dog to enter without proof of vaccination. They might think that your dog will be dangerous around other people.


Your dog’s medicine is perhaps very important especially if they have maintenance medication. You have to make sure that you pack enough for three days.

You can add more if you want as long as it does not compromise space. Tick, flea, and heartworm medications are very important.


Treats will keep your dog calm and obedient especially in a survival situation. Of course, your dog may not realize that you are in a survival situation. So if you give them treats, they will more likely relax and calm down.

Dog Hygiene Items

This will be your preference, but I would recommend bringing a dog shampoo or soap to keep your dog refreshed and prevent smell that can offend other people. Another thing that you need to bring is a nail clipper. It will prevent your dog from scratching you or other people.

Familiar Toy Or Clothing

This helps your dog to stay calm most especially in unfamiliar locations. Play is still important for your dog. It will keep a strong bond between you and your dog. I would suggest an indestructible toy that your dog can play around with.


A well-packed dog bug out bag will keep your dog safe and healthy during a survival situation. A dog is an excellent companion and they can provide protection. Make sure to pack enough items for three days or more. More importantly, choose a durable bug out bag for your dog.

Dogs are very loyal to their masters. So it is essential to provide them with the best care even in a survival situation. Keep your dog’s bug out bag ready and easy to grab just in case you need to evacuate immediately.