EDC Survival Kit – 7 Essential Pocket Tools

EDC survival kit

An EDC (Every-Day-Carry) survival kit will help you prepare for any unforeseen events. These are necessary tools that you can bring with you on a daily basis. An EDC survival kit allows you to carry only the small essential tools that you need for survival.

In fact, selecting the essential items for your kit will be your own preference. But it would be beneficial to add the items that I have listed below. One of the best things about having your own EDC survival kit is that you do not have to rely on anyone for survival.

Disasters can happen anytime. However, as long as you are prepared, you can easily manage any survival situation. You will have gratification and peace of mind knowing that you have the essential items for survival.

You can also upgrade your EDC survival kit. There are new products in the market, but you have to make sure to select items that are made from durable, high-quality materials.

In particular, when you upgrade or add new tools to your kit, you will have more access to many new functions. In fact, this will make your life easier in a survival situation. So before you leave the house, make sure that you have an EDC survival kit with you.

Additional tools for your EDC survival kit

FireKable Survival Bracelet

The Firekable survival bracelet contains the Ferro rod and striker tucked in neatly into the bracelet. In fact, this bracelet will fit discretely on your wrist. In addition, the Ferro rod strikes over 3,000 degrees and this is hot enough to set just about any tinder alight.

The paracord is durable, in fact, it is also mildew and rot-resistant. The Ferro rod is easy to use and lasts thousands of strikes with proper use.

Fire is essential in every survival situation. This will be an essential part of your survival tool. You can start a fire whenever and wherever you need it. The paracord extends up to 80 feet, which gives you full functional cordage.

Everstryke Match

The Everstryke match contains the Ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire-starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket. The Ferro rod strikes at over 3000 degrees and in fact, the flame burns at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Each match is capable of 15,000 long burning strikes.

Amazingly, the built-in O-ring keeps fuel from evaporating indefinitely. In addition, each match is capable of 15,000 long burning strikes.

Survival Business Card

The Survival Business Card fits perfectly in your wallet and it has 11 functions you can use in a survival situation.

In fact, this card includes a can opener, knife edge, slotted flathead screwdriver, ruler, bottle cap opener, 4-position wrench, wingnut wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indicator, 2-position wrench, keychain, and lanyard hole.

This is an amazing tool that you can carry with you every day. It eliminates the need to carry heavy survival tools. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have a multitool in your pocket.

The EDT Mini Multi-Tool

The EDT Mini Multi-Tool is a multipurpose survival tool that you can use literally for any task. This tool features needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, can opener, small knife blade, a serrated edge, a mini Philips head screwdriver, and a stay-in-place clip.

The mini-tool has a rugged construction with all-440 stainless steel construction which provides lifetime use. This can double as a self-defense device just in case you need one.

You can use it to repair and fix household equipment, camping, and survival needs. You can put it in your EDC survival kit, hang it on your belt loop, or in your bug out bag.

edc survival kit

HyBeam Mini Tactical Flashlight

The HyBeam Mini Tactical Flashlight has three mode settings. Simply switch between brightness settings and this will provide a high beam, low beam, or a strobe setting. This is essential for emergency purposes such as signaling for help.

In fact, the HyBeam Mini is heavy-duty as well as waterproof. It has impact-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum construction. In addition, you can use this flashlight as a self-defense weapon or breaking glass to escape in case of emergency, for instance, if you get stuck inside your car.

You can simply use a single AA battery. They can either be regular or rechargeable batteries. However, batteries are not included so you’ll have to purchase the batteries separately. You can use this for your outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, fishing, and many more. This is another essential addition to your EDC survival kit.

edc survival kit

Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife

The Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife is layered with stainless steel for strength and longevity. In fact, it fits most wallets and it is very thin and lightweight. This is perfect for emergency purposes as well as household repairs and outdoor adventures.

edc survival kit

HNYYZL 10 Pack Paracord Bracelet

This paracord bracelet package includes 10 pcs of multifunctional paracord bracelets in different colors. This is an ideal choice for outdoor adventures and a great addition to your EDC survival tool kit. The compass is precise and each bracelet has an emergency whistle.

The whistle makes a clear, penetrating sound that can be heard for a distance of 500 meters. In fact, it also has a fire starter and the magnesium rod is waterproof. So it lights up even when wet.

The stainless steel sharp gear knife has a zigzag shape. It has a tough, rust-resistant construction and can be used for cutting ropes, saw sticks, meat, and many others.

The paracord can withstand 250 kg of weight and extends up to 122 inches of length. You can use the paracord in a wide variety of emergency situations. This is perfect for stopping bleeding just in case you get injured, lashing logs, use it as a clothesline, and making a small net.

As a matter of fact, the inner core can also be used as a fishing line and sewing thread. You can simply wear this paracord bracelet on your wrist or snap it on your backpack.


An EDC survival kit is a very efficient way of preparing for any survival situation. It’s still best to have something to use in case of an emergency rather than having nothing at all. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have something to use for survival. Make sure to upgrade your EDC survival kit and customize it according to your needs. Always carry an emergency pack with you, being prepared is better than nothing.