Osprey Volt 60 Backpack Review

osprey volt 60

Let’s take a look at the different features of the Osprey Volt 60 backpack in this post. Simple design and effective suspension make the Osprey Volt 60 backpack an excellent choice. It is a perfect backpack for both beginners and seasoned hikers alike.

It is essential to look for comfort when choosing an ideal backpack. In addition, the suspension system should ensure that your hiking journey is as smooth as possible. It’s good that the Osprey Volt 60 has one-size-fits-all functionality, and I like that it has an adjustable torso length.

You can also easily store your trekking poles with the Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment. Fit-on-the-Fly™ hip belts can also accommodate different hip sizes and provide a perfect fit.

Besides having a sleeping bag compartment, a hydration sleeve, and a removable rain cover, it also has a zippered storage compartment for your hydration. This Osprey Backpack is a good choice for backpackers who are travelling for up to five days.

Additional gear fits perfectly in the top-loading design. A sleeping bag compartment is also included for convenience. The Osprey Backpack is ergonomically designed with excellent back panel ventilation.

With a heavy load, the shoulder straps are very comfortable. In addition, it’s an ideal backpack that’s well built and maintains perfect stability.

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Osprey Volt 60 Features


  • Excellent ergonomic features and comfortable shoulder straps.
  • It has an adjustable Fit-on-the-Fly™ hip belt.
  • Zippered pockets allow easy access to your gear.
  • Dual access stretch side pockets.
  • The hydration reservoir is separate from the main compartment and this avoids internal leaks.
  • Stow-On-The-Go™ trekking pole attachment.
  • Belt pockets are zippered to secure your small gear.


  • The water bottle is too tight and the water bottle falls out.
  • The main compartment is narrow making it difficult to pack your gear.
  • There are no front or side zippers that you can use to access the main compartment.
  • Stow-On-The-Go™ is sometimes awkward and interferes with elbows.
  • The backpack lacks tool loops and the harness is not removable.
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Features To Consider When Choosing A Backpack

My first consideration when buying a backpack is the weight. When hiking for long distances, a lightweight pack reduces stress and keeps you comfortable. In addition, you should choose a pack that is made with durable materials.

When you are carrying heavy loads, you need to ensure that your backpack can handle the weight of your gear. Moreover, if your pack falls apart in the middle of the hike, you will be regretting your decision. In addition, look for a backpack that is waterproof or water-resistant.

Rain covers are a must. This, however, will keep your equipment dry and protect it from unexpected rains. The Osprey Volt 60L Backpack comes with a removable rain cover.

You’ll stay dry and comfortable on long-distance hikes with a well-ventilated pack. With the Osprey Volt 60L Backpack, you get ventilation and comfort from the AirScape back panel.

Designed for backpackers and hikers who plan to be outdoors for 3 to 5 days, the Osprey Volt 60 is a great option. Besides having web attachment points, the floating lid also has dual zippered pockets. Additionally, it comes with dual ice tool attachments for snow adventures.

It also features a close-to-body, adjustable Airscape suspension system. It extends up to 6″/13 cm of adjustable torso length. The hipbelt is also adjustable on the fly, which ensures a perfect fit. The sleeping bag compartment features a removable divider and removable sleeping pad straps.

Also, this pack features an internal hydration sleeve so you can connect an inline water filter. Your gear will stay dry with the integrated rain cover. When compared to the Osprey Aether 60, the Aether includes an anti-gravity suspension and an internal frame.

However, the Volt has only basic features and can only carry medium loads. In contrast, the Aether has a more stable suspension and can withstand heavier loads.

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The Osprey Aether 60 backpack is a good choice if you desire more stability for heavy loads. However, the Volt 60 can also accommodate moderate loads if you want a simple yet comfortable backpack. I used the Osprey in a couple of my outdoor adventures, and the backpack did very well.

There were many challenging terrains throughout the mountainous landscape, and I spent upward of five hours walking. Before leaving, I filled my hydration pack with water and a 1-liter bottle water filter. I had no issues fitting the hydration pack into the Osprey.

The Osprey proved to provide good stability as I walked on uneven terrains, and I maintained my balance and avoided falling. I couldn’t keep my water bottle from falling over; that was the only problem I encountered. It was only then that I realized the mesh pocket was too tight.

The water bottle slid off most of the time while I was climbing. To keep it in place, I had to secure it with a paracord. The shoulder straps were comfortable on the long hike. The hip belt held the backpack firmly in place.

There is a zippered hip belt pocket where I have been able to put a map and compass. The Osprey Volt 60 backpack carried all the essential gear, and the hip belt pockets made it easy for me to access my phone, map, and compass.

Getting down from the steep mountain terrain was challenging. My backpack now felt heavy. The Osprey’s integrated rain cover was able to keep my gear dry. Overall, the Osprey Volt 60 backpack did a great job, especially when it comes to stability.

I also had no trouble crossing small rivers and streams with a 60-liter backpack. The backpack suspension worked pretty well and distributed the weight evenly, so I had no problems controlling the heavy pack while leaning to the right or left.

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Another great feature is the zippered sleeping bag compartment, as it prevents your sleeping bag from falling out. Over compression straps, I prefer a backpack that has a zippered compartment for a sleeping bag.

I’ve had trouble with compression straps in the past; they tend to loosen up over time. Each time, tightening them was tedious. One problem was that I could not access my gear through any of the front or side zippers in the main compartment.

Consequently, I had to stop between hikes to open the lid and access my stuff. You won’t have to open the lid to remove everything, so having a side or front zipper would be a great addition. You can also organize your stuff easier with a zipper on the front or both sides.

The Osprey Volt backpack, on the other hand, was a reliable way to carry all my stuff during my trip. As I was carrying the Osprey Volt pack in hot weather, I had a little discomfort with the back panel ventilation. I experienced the same thing with the shoulder straps during hot weather.

Overall, I had a very comfortable journey and hiking experience with the Osprey Volt 60 backpack. It’s affordable and worked well as expected.


I would say that the overall price isn’t the cheapest, but it’s reasonable. Since quality backpacks are made from durable and comfortable materials, they are more expensive. Quality and price always go hand in hand. You can’t go wrong with an affordable backpack with excellent quality.


Dual side compression straps, on the other hand, provide load stability. With the adjustable fit-on-the-fly hip belt, the user can adjust the backpack for a perfect fit. This feature is excellent when you’re hiking on uneven terrains.


Whenever you are hiking you will sweat in the back, which will make you very uncomfortable. An AirScape back panel is featured on the Osprey Volt 60L Backpack. It is breathable and made of mesh foam. As a result, you will be comfortable and dry while hiking. 


In addition, this pack offers a gear capacity of 60 Liters. The collar can also be extended to accommodate more gear. Thus, it is possible to pack enough equipment for a five-day backpacking trip.

Despite the narrow main compartment, it doesn’t negatively affect the backpack’s balance. It is just a matter of putting the heaviest items first before the lightest ones.


Simple in design, the Volt 60 from Osprey is a good choice. Although this backpack offers most of the basic features mountaineers and hikers look for in a backpack, it is compact and highly versatile.

A one-size-fits-all pack, an adjustable hipbelt, an internal hydration pouch, and an attachable trekking pole pocket round out the features of this backpack. In addition, this pack is made of durable materials.

Alternative Backpacks

Give these points, below are other alternative backpacks for your outdoor adventure.

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Osprey Aether 60L

The Osprey Aether 60L has an AG AntiGravity™ 3D suspended mesh back panel and hip belt. This is great for backpacking, thru-hikes, and alpine expeditions. It has a single, vertical-zippered side access point. Just like the Osprey Volt 60, it has an integrated detachable rain cover.

The hip belt has a pre-curved IsoForm™ design and provides outstanding fit and comfort. So you can use this for long-distance hikes with heavy loads.

Parallax Silver

Osprey Levity 60

The Osprey Levity has an ultralight AirSpeed ventilated trampoline-suspended mesh back panel. It is the most comfortable and well-ventilated backpack for light loads. This is perfect for week-long or month-long trips.

It also has dual access fabric side pockets with Inside-out compression cords. The hip belt and harness are equipped with ExoForm materials. The internal hydration sleeve will provide extra water.

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The North Face Terra 65L

The North Face Terra has a comfortable back panel that is made from soft foam and breathable mesh. The dyno lift system provides stability. The stash pockets are bigger and allow for more storage for your gear.

The floating lid can be used to store a tent or a sleeping bag. The J-zippers provide quick access to your gear.

Final Thoughts

Osprey Volt 60 backpacks are more straightforward in design than other backpacks. Still, they have all the essentials that a backpacker or hiker needs. It also offers the advantage of a perfect fit.

The Osprey Volt backpack was of excellent service during my recent trip, and I would consider using it again. The Stow-On-The-Go™ trekking pole attachment is one of the best features of this pack.

Additionally, the zippered sleeping bag compartment keeps your sleeping bag protected and prevents it from falling while hiking or trekking. In addition to the external hydration system, the internal hydration system provides additional drinking water.

Furthermore, the AirScape back panel keeps you dry and comfortable while hiking. The lightweight pack is well suited to hikers and backpackers of all levels. With the Osprey, you get a product that is both affordable and also of excellent quality. You won’t be disappointed with this backpack!